Sunday, 26 January 2014


Papii (4♥), 101 Hanover Street in the New Town has a welcoming crisp white frontage and almost summery feel inside with friendly, welcoming staff.

It's relatively small with mostly white tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes and counters against both front windows so you can sit on stools to watch the world go by. They're kid-friendly with baby changing facilities in the loo.

As the blackboard below shows, they've a variety of wholesome looking food to choose from. The pasta and potato bakes looked particularly good but smoothies, breakfast, soups and cakes were also available. As the blackboard also proudly states, Papii use Artisan Roast coffee.

We tried the double shot flat white which was a joy. The milk was lovely and velvety allowing the rich, sweet, coffee to shine.

These guys are clearly passionate about their coffee.

- Coffee: Artisan Roast
- Coolness: sunny feel even when it's not
- Papii facebook
- Child-friendly


  1. How's abouts updating the photo of this flattie?!

  2. you don't like or think it's not representative?

  3. Actually an update on all the photos if you ever get the chance would be great, the outside looks quite different now..
    And yes the coffee pic certainly doesn't represent anything like the quality of coffee we put out. Sure you've not had a few more of theses since this one that a trainee made over a year ago? ;)

  4. flat white pic updated from a recent visit :) will take some other shots and update soon, thanks