Tuesday, 23 December 2014

cult espresso

cult espresso, 104 buccleuch street, is on the south side of the old town, near edinburgh university, and is a very welcome addition to edinburgh's coffee fraternity

the friendly cult folk feature guest coffees alongside seasonal round hill roastery beans and choose the right bean for your brew method

pictured above is a couple of delightful flat whites made with scandinavian la cabra guest beans and they plan to change their guests regularly

cult offers espresso-based coffee (from a very special looking machine pictured below) and kalita wave pour over coffee. for those less familiar with kalita wave, its a drip-filter coffee gizmo that has a flat bottom that contributes to a more even, fuller brew - more here

the space itself is long and narrow. the street frontage is quite small but the shop drops down about half-way through offering ample seating on two levels. the fit-out and decor is warm while having an industrial feel to it 

hearty and inventive union of genius soups are on offer alongside sandwiches, salads, pastries and cakes

highly recommended for regular visits

coffee: round hill roastery and regular changing guests
coolness: rustic industrial chilled out vibe

Sunday, 21 December 2014

the little green van

the little green van looks directly on to portobello beach and is on the promenade, at the foot of bellfield street

the friendly owners of the easily recognisable citroen hy van offer well made artisan roast coffee right on the beach front 

also on offer are tasty hot sandwiches, soups, pastries, icecreams and tea or hot chocolate - all made to an equally high quality

portobello beach is lovely spot to visit for a walk along the promenade and is frequented by many a parent and dog owner

the little green van is part of the experience and offers some of the best coffee in the area

coffee: artisan roast
coolness: other than the very cool van, beach views

this is the closest google map reference i could get. the little green van is on the promenade where bellfield street meets the beach

Thursday, 18 December 2014

project coffee

project coffee at 196 brutsfield place is one of leading scottish barista jonathan sharp's coffee shops and serves cracking coffee (others are wellington coffee, press coffee and kilimanjaro coffee)

the interior is classy with a touch of a light industrial look. high ceilings, big windows, chunky ornate cornices, white paint throughout and a mix of tables and chairs.

trusty partner and i tried the 'flat white'shown right in the photo below (short, double-shot latte) and cappuccino. the temperature and milk texture were both perfect allowing the complex, savoury, nutty bitterness of the coffee to shine.

all jonathan's coffee shops use square mile coffee which is truly excellent stuff. service is friendly and efficient. definitely one to visit regularly.

- coffee: square mile plus guests
- coolness: great fitout and good local shopping

Sunday, 26 October 2014

crumbs of portobello

crumbs of portobello on portobello promenade is a small booth with outdoor tables that faces the beach

they offer crepes, baked sweet and pastry items, a good selection of breakfast rolls and coffee, all enjoyed in the beautiful outdoors 

it's a lovely location on the busy promenade filled with locals and visitors and their dogs and kids

the friendly folk at crumbs serve up glasgow-based thomsons coffee which you can also buy by the bag to take home if you so wish

we enjoyed our flat whites and breakfast rolls very much and the location is excellent, we'll be back regularly

coolness: tables are practically on the beachfront

View the larger edinburgh coffee shop map

Thursday, 16 October 2014

castello coffee

castello coffee is at 7a castle street, just off princes street.

friendly service, lunch options of soups, sandwiches, baguettes, snacks and great coffee.

even in rainy weather you can sit outside under umbrellas and watch the world go by.there are also tables and chairs inside for chilly times.

castello use the fabulous allpress espresso, a new zealand outfit that also trades out of london and sydney. they buy direct from small estates and co-ops so the actual beans change regularly and are seasonal. castello's baristas will always give you a lovely coffee, and you get variety - perfect.

it's also excellently placed to grab a coffee and picnic and then pop across the road to the princes street gardens under the looming edinburgh castle.

a great addition to edinburgh's coffee scene!

- coffee: allpress espresso
- coolness: castle views from their outdoor seating
- dog-friendly

Saturday, 9 August 2014

peter's yard - quartermile

peter's yard - quartermile at 27 simpson loan is part of the quarter mile development and specialises in 'artisan' breads, eat in or take home. they've got lots to choose from including sticky buns, cakes, tortes, crisp breads and very yummy looking pizza among others.

you order and pay at the counter with friendly staff who then bring your food and drink to you.

lots of light streams into the modern space and you can sit up to benches looking outside or a mix of communal and smaller tables.

their coffee is excellent.

we've sampled both the flat white and cappuccino and both are seriously cracking. rich and robust with creamy soft milk. the flat white in the traditional smaller cup, perfectly formed.

among the best coffee in edinburgh, without a doubt!

- coffee: artisan roast
- coolness: a stone's throw from the meadows
- website: www.petersyard.com

Friday, 8 August 2014

artisan roast - bruntsfield

artisan roast, 138 bruntsfield place, is their second shop opened more recently after the long-established broughton street shop.

as per the broughton street shop review, these people are at the very tippy top of the best edinburgh's coffee scene has to offer.

although artisan roast supply the same janszoon beans to lots of other coffee shops in edinburgh, you really need to go to one of their shops to experience it the artisan roast way.

the flat white pictured was perfect. as per the artisan roast website, this is what you can look forward to:
- acidity: low with a slight tang

- body: heavy and syrupy
- sweetness: golden syrup
- characteristics: sumatran teak with figs and dark chocolate

at their bruntsfield shop you can also try V60 and chemex and buy beans (including their own decaf beans) ground to your specifications.

get yourself along for some seriously a-grade coffee.

- coffee: their own roast
- coolness: deluxe coffee plus beans to take home