Saturday, 14 February 2015

Peter's Yard Stockbridge

Peter's Yard Stockbridge (4♥), at 3 Deanhaugh Street Stockbridge, is a delight and one of the best coffee shops in Stockbridge. This shop lives up to the excellent standards already set in their Peter's Yard Quartermile outlet.

Their expert baristas pay great attention to their coffee as shown by the flat white pictured. they use local supplier Artisan Roast and prepare lush soft milk lovingly coaxed into the perfect small-sized cup.

Other options at Peter's Yard include a great array of fresh bread, pastries, salads, artisan chocolate and icecream and pizzas...and they supply wine too!

This is a great spot to drop in for coffee and food alike. You can also pick up all options take-away.

- Coffee: Artisan Roast
- Coolness: their own crispbread and Stockbridge location
- child-friendly

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  1. and the cardamon ice cream in "summer"...